Are you looking to develop a group dynamic or strengthen your teams at your next seminar or other business-related event?  Franck Thomas’s “Challenge” workshops are the perfect way to get your messages across through “team-building” games related to the universe of wine. Our tailored training program ensures the professional and teaching skills of our event hosts. These games meet the strategic needs of your business and will both entertain and instruct your team members on how to taste wine. Objectives: motivate and bring your team members closer, analyse the responsiveness of your co-workers whilst improving communication in a laid-back atmosphere.

Four original workshops to optimize the cohesion of your team

challenge-le-domaine“The Estate”

An original “business game” designed around managing a winery. On the program: each team aims to develop the best business strategy in order to achieve a set of predefined objectives. Responsiveness and analysis of the behavioural attitudes of your team members are at the heart of the approach

challenge-les-sens-du-vin“The senses of wine”

Sensory analysis: learn to taste a wine using your 5 senses. An entertaining, team-building game that combines sharing and learning.
What is the character of a wine?

chalenge-in-vino“In vino”

Learn about the world of wine and create your own wine.
A workshop focused on team building with set objectives to achieve. Blending and wine tasting, enjoy creating your own wine!

challenge-tour-du-monde“Around the world in 80 flavours”

A team-building workshop based on the mysteries of wine, combining challenge, tasting and introduction to matching food and wine, entertainment and interaction …
Enjoy a unique gourmet tour of the world!

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